Microparticel in Mild Degree, Moderate, Severe COVID-19 Patient

Publish : 2020 | -

Background: Some COVID-19 patients experience a pathophysiological process known as Cytokine Storm. Cytokine Storm will trigger an attack on the body's immune system causing ARDS and multiple organ failure, eventually leading to death. One of the possible factors causing the increase in the number of proinflammatory cytokines is the production of microparticles. Circulating microparticles (cMPs) are small vesicles with diameter less than 1 μm and resting from the cell membrane to the blood circulation after cell activation, injury or apoptosis. Microparticles are involved in several pathophysiological processes, such as procoagulant activity, proinflammatory processes, endothelial damage, vasoconstriction, vascular growth, and immune regulation. Objectives: We investigate Microparticel in mild degree, moderate, severe COVID-19 patient Materials and methods: Blood plasma samples derived from peripheral blood with Citrate tube in confirmed COVID-19 patients (mild degree n=30, moderate n=30, severe n =30). We analyzed microparticle with Flowcytometri BD Facs Calibur and used Reagen Megamix-Plus SSC. Results: On going Process

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