Title :
Psychological Underpinning of Panic Buying During Pandemic (COVID-19)
Author : MARTHOENIS;  
Abstract : Epidemics and pandemics are the impending public health challenges whereby fear and panic are integral human responses historically (Bonneux and Van Damme ,2006). Panic behavior during disaster and calamities is an expected response they threaten the ability to cope and destroy the existing equilibrium. Many a time, people develop much-unexplained behavior which differs from country to country, culture to culture. Panic buying / increased buying behavior has been observed during public health emergencies since the ancient period. However, the exact psychological explanation responsible for it has not sought systematically. Therefore, we intended a thrust to identify the possible psychological explanations behind the panic buying behavior during crisis moments such as, pandemics.
Journal : Psychiatry Research
Issue :
Volume : 289
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Publish Date : 2020-07-01