Ergonomy Of User Comfort In Portable Hand Wash Multifunctional as a Facility to Prevent Covid-19 Spreading in the Public Service Office (Case Study of Lengkong Bandung Sub-District Office)

Publish : 2020 | -

Lengkong Subdistrict which is located in the southern part of Bandung City, thus certainly has a great responsibility towards preventing the spread of Covid-19 Virus to its citizens, especially the Institute institutions or related apparatuses who often come to the sub-district offices. Based on the results of literature review and observational studies whether facilities to maintain hand hygiene but to function as a tool to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus, the Bandung Lengkong sub-district office with a qualitative method with a rationalistic paradigm using the ergonomic theory reference including by analyzing what forms and functions are contained in the handwashing device and the role of Portable design A good Hand Wash will provide ergonomic comfort to its users, has more functions it becomes a habit of maintaining cleanliness.

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